Skulls and squiggly things

Back in February, we went to the Beaty Biodiveristy museum (pro tip – free admission for UBC employees and students) and here are some pictures. Warning, there are dead squiggly things in jars in this post (and even more at the Flickr Set).

Display: Red, Green, Dead Birds
Sea snake in a jar
Sea snake in a jar. Perfect Seal
Mountain Goat, Reflection
Mountain Goat, Reflection
Squiggly things
The Owls are Judging You
The Owls are Judging You
Life Matrix
The matrix of life, from Day 0 on.
Black Tailed Deer
Black Tailed Deer
Blue Whale Skeleton
Blue Whale Skeleton


MOA trip

In the month of June, I had planned to blog more. I wanted to start today with a science news round-up, only apparently it’s the slowest science news day ever (it being Sunday and all).

So,instead, some pictures from a recent trip I took to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. I used Flickr’s new editing tool to apply filters; it made up slightly for the awkwardness of my camera’s light sensor.

From the permanent collection
Haida Crest Figure

Three Sisters

from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit
Buddha from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit

Buddha from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit

Three essays, two hours

On my twitter feed this morning (@breeonne), I saw a line scroll past from a UBC student (I assume) who demanded to know how UBC thought he (or her) could possibly write three well-written, concise and thought-provoking essays in two hours.

My immediate reaction was complete empathy. I’ve been there, friend. Over 10 years ago, but I’ve been there. Try having to write a science exam with essays, that was hard.

And then I realized that now, 10 years later, I do that on a weekly basis. Not write three essays a week, but there are days in a week when I do hammer out the equivalent of three essays in two hours. And unlike school (where I paid for the privilege), these ones are graded by the public and are a precondition of my paycheque.

Honestly, it’s one of the best skills I ever developed and one of the only thing that I’ve carried from the degree (outside of a healthy skepticism toward media reports on scientific research) So thanks, UBC.

Grammatically Incorrect Grad Sign, care of Arts!UBC

Wee Forest Fire at UBC

A small fire in Pacific Spirit Park at UBC! Oh my!

The fire is in the ravine near Wreck Beach, in hilly and forested terrain (which is why the firefighters are having such a tough time tackling the fire –  the fire started around midnight, but firefighters could only “babysit” the fire overnight until the sun came up so they could see. Luckily, the fire looks contained.)

SW Marine Drive is closed down between Totem Park and 16th for fire crews. There are reports coming in now that it’ll take a day to put out the fire.

The official UBC sources of information are the UBC Emergency site and @UBCNews.

Stay safe, everyone.