After Effects

One of the downsides of using a low-end point-and-shoot is that in unfavorable light conditions, the shots can be… uninspiring. In past I tended to let it slide; focusing instead on high-light days to take pictures.

Recently I started poking around with Flickr’s photo editor (of course, four months before the service will be discontinued), and churned out these two retouches:

Broadway & Ash, Red Light
Red Light

Broadway and Ash, at twilight. Used Piknik’s 60s filter.

Broadway & Ash, Green Light
Green Light

Same as above, using the lomo filter.

The originals (best seen big)

Broadway & Ash, Red Light versus IMG_4038

Broadway & Ash, Green Light versus IMG_4037

A good walk spoiled

Saturday dawned with me being awake at the ungodly hour of 9am to head out to Pitch ‘N’ Putt at Central Park in Burnaby. I’ve never played golf before and it took me a while to get the ball to go in a straight line. And I only ended up 70 over par!

But to begin the day: I woke up to see this:
Saturday morning heart attack

It’s the sun casting a shadow off the chimney in the building next door, but opening eyes to the wicker man wasn’t a pleasant way to start the day.

So blah blah time passes and we get to Burnaby and bought our tickets or paid the green fee or whatever one does when it’s golf time. Field rules state that you need a pitch (pitcher?) and a putter:

Pitch n Putter
I think the putter is the one with the flat club-like head.

Then you have to try and hit the golf ball into the hole:

Club-eye view
this into
Green grass, red flag

Like I said, 70 over par.

And it really was a lovely day for a walk.

Sun over the fourth hole

Too bad about the golf.

(post title is from a Mark Twain quote: Golf is a good walk spoiled)

Plants! That! Maim!

Globe and Mail: Giant weed that can cause blindness popping up in Ontario, B.C.

Money Quote:

While it may look bewildering β€” almost begging to be examined by an amateur botanist or a green thumb β€” the consequences of touching the weed could scar a person for life.

β€œThe sap gets activated by sunlight, so once you get out on the sun it reacts and can cause really bad burns, blistering and scars,” said Mr. Muzzi.

It has also been known to cause temporary blindness or, in extreme cases, permanent loss of eyesight, said Mr. Muzzi.

As they say in the lab, sweet jesus.

And an Undeclared Aubergine

BBC: Man held after getting off a flight with live pigeons in his trousers

A man has been caught with two pigeons stuffed in his trousers after he got off a flight from Dubai to Melbourne. Australian customs officials say the live birds were wrapped in padded envelopes and held to the man’s legs by a pair of tights under his trousers.

Customs officials say they also seized seeds in the man’s money belt and an undeclared aubergine, following the flight on Sunday.

Australia. The gift that keeps on giving.

a bitter brew

B.C. brewery toasts tough times with Bailout Bitter beer

A microbrewery in British Columbia is toasting the current economic downturn by launching a special brand of recession-style beer.

Howe Sound Brewery has named its most bitter-tasting brew Bailout Bitter in honour of the government bailouts of the financial sector that have taken place in an attempt to mitigate the global financial crisis.

Calling it “bitter ale for bitter times,” the brewery said the new beer will cost less than its other brands.

Has to stop

This litigious culture in the U.S. has to stop.

A lawsuit against God (yes, Him) has been thrown out not because who in their right mind would sue God? but because God has no deliverable address.

Legal case against God dismissed: A US judge has thrown out a case against God, ruling that because the defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served.

The suit was launched by Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers, who said he might appeal against the ruling