Taste of Yaletown 2012: Bistro Sakana

This Wednesday, we went to Bistro Sakana in Yaletown for their Taste of Yaletown menu. It was, as always at Bistro Sakana, amazing.

One of the nice things about Bistro Sakana is that it’s fairly reasonably priced for consistently amazing sushi. There’s a lot of attention put into the food and it’s always a fun night out.

Waiting for the food to arrive
Waiting for our food

Wild sockeye salmon miso chowder

Wild sockeye salmon miso chowder
Full of carrots and potato and delicious

and the Platter:

Sample Platter
We didn’t think that we’d have enough to eat – small portions and all, but the soup was filling and the food was a nice variety of flavours.

Wild sockeye jalapeno aburi (box sushi): Sockeye salmon topped with jalapeno slices

Toro red chili aburi (box sushi): albacore toro marinated in Junmai sake and miso, topped with red chili and key lime slivers

Box Sushi
Salmon in front

Teppan roll

Teppan Roll
fresh tomato, Hotate scallop sashimi, fresh bocconcini mozzarella and pesto, sauteed,  served with a drizzle of aged balsamic reduction and virgin olive oil

As an aside, we’ve decided we have to go back and just order Teppan roll in future.

Nasu Dengaku

Nasu Dengaku (Eggplant)
baked Japanese eggplant with aka miso sauce

Ginger citrus Hamachi

Ginger citrus Hamachi
Yellowtail sashimi, layered with pink grapefruit sections, soy-balsamic vinaigrette.

I’m not normally a fan of hamachi, but the citrus and ginger balanced the flavour of the fish.

Chocolate brownie with dark chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

See the entire set on Flickr

Things that do not interest me

I occasionally take part in online surveys. Today, the survey asked me to select the local company that is the best in _________ category.

I learned something.

I learned that there are many things in the world that do not interest me.

Things such as:

  1. Everything to do with cars
  2. Carpet cleaning
  3. Carpet sellers
  4. Carpet installers
  5. all things plastic surgery, denture, acupuncture, chiropractic services, massage therapy
  6. Appliances
  7. Home renovation
  8. Anything furniture related

Sadly, the survey didn’t ask me anything I am expert on, such as coffee or social media