Skulls and squiggly things

Back in February, we went to the Beaty Biodiveristy museum (pro tip – free admission for UBC employees and students) and here are some pictures. Warning, there are dead squiggly things in jars in this post (and even more at the Flickr Set).

Display: Red, Green, Dead Birds
Sea snake in a jar
Sea snake in a jar. Perfect Seal
Mountain Goat, Reflection
Mountain Goat, Reflection
Squiggly things
The Owls are Judging You
The Owls are Judging You
Life Matrix
The matrix of life, from Day 0 on.
Black Tailed Deer
Black Tailed Deer
Blue Whale Skeleton
Blue Whale Skeleton


Plants! That! Maim!

Globe and Mail: Giant weed that can cause blindness popping up in Ontario, B.C.

Money Quote:

While it may look bewildering — almost begging to be examined by an amateur botanist or a green thumb — the consequences of touching the weed could scar a person for life.

“The sap gets activated by sunlight, so once you get out on the sun it reacts and can cause really bad burns, blistering and scars,” said Mr. Muzzi.

It has also been known to cause temporary blindness or, in extreme cases, permanent loss of eyesight, said Mr. Muzzi.

As they say in the lab, sweet jesus.

A news potpourri

From Suck to Blow: Canada’s carbon sink has sprung a leak : Billions of tiny mountain pine beetles are treating Canada’s boreal forest like a 3,000-mile-long salad bar, transforming a key absorber of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas into a CO2 emitter instead. In just a decade, exploding beetle populations and a rise in wildfires have flipped Canada’s boreal forest from its longstanding role as a natural carbon vacuum – sucking up 55 million or more tons of CO2 annually – to that of a giant tailpipe emitting up to 245 million tons of CO2 each year

Comedy Central: The final frontier: Colbert trying to prank NASA, but will it work?: Earth to Space Station Colbert: The cosmic joke may be on NASA. Comedian Stephen Colbert, who couldn’t get his mock presidential campaign off the ground, is polling better by aiming higher. He’s convinced his many fans to write in his name in NASA’s online public vote to name a new room to be added to the international space station.

I vant to suck your bluuud: ‘Dracula’ fish shows baby teeth: Scientists have discovered a highly unusual fish with fangs made of bone.

Today's undersea news

Protection Zones In The Wrong Place To Prevent Coral Reef Collapse

Conservation zones are in the wrong place to protect vulnerable coral reefs from the effects of global warming, an international team of scientists warn.

It came from the Deep
Deep-Sea Viruses Quietly Rule a Marine Food Chain

Researchers long ago grasped that viruses on the sea surface play a Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde role, killing biomass while at the same time sustaining it. Now, though, evidence has emerged that these tiny bacterial pathogens also carry out unsung work at the ocean depths — a dark, inhospitable, nutrient-poor place that counts as last great unexplored ecosystem on the planet