Flashback: I want to live in a drama

In honor of this morning’s soaking downpour here in Vancouver, a tangentially related pic post:

Peer Reviewed Bathroom Graffiti

In case you don’t want to decipher that on your own:

Peer Reviewed Bathroom Graffiti

I WANT TO LIVE IN A DRAMA (<- what does that even mean?)
THOSE PEOPLE NEVER LOOK AT THE PAST. (<- but they’re so often history that this line disagrees
THEY WISH AND THEY DREAM (<- don’t you now)
LIKE (of) SECRET DESIRES THAT FLOAT ON (<-you didn’t actually write that, did you? this has to be a joke) (<– I know, ever tried to make something float on really rough water?)
WHY ARE GROTESQUE OBJECTS BEAUTIFUL? (<- this poem doesn’t count)
WHAT IS WRONG WITH HUMANS? (<- #1 apparently we write terrible poetry <- and peer review bathroom stall poetry) (#2 humans are human, that’s what’s wrong)
I TAKE DEEP BREATHS AND IT TRIES TO ERASE EVERYTHING. (<- hey, Yo. Your subject and verb called me and they’re having a pretty big disagreement. Maybe you could work something out between them?)
-RAIN (<-isn’t he from My Lady Peace?)

Twitter, Bill C-30, and poking back at the internet

So I’m taking this social media course with UBC Continuing Studies (Social Media Strategy & Marketing with Rochelle Grayson) and the first week’s assignment was to follow people on the Twitter and find interesting links.

As I said on Twitter last week, that’s where I’m a Viking.

And because I love you, here’s my homework for your reading pleasure.

Warning: multimedia-heavy

A  visual history of social media:

3.       An infographics aggregator site. Highlight du jour?

  • You  totally need to read this of the day:  The Mounting Minuses at Google+ (Wall Street Journal article), focusing somewhat on app developer and advertisers “disappointment” with the lack of pickup.

Now I can’t claim the dog ate my homework after all…

Space Stallions Unite!

1. This is awesome.
2. This concept, in four minutes, makes more sense than He-Man or She-Ra, both of which four-year-old Bree adored.
3. Awesome 80s power rock soundtrack. With bonus keytaur!

This was created by Dutch animation students for a competition. I sure hope they won. (My Youtube hits alone may make this thing go viral…)


I have to blame Tina for introducing me to Netflix. Blame, mostly because I already have a 4-days-long list of things to watch at this point.

The ability to “pause” and pick up again the next time, might be the most interesting part of the Netflix process for me. I can see this being v. useful to me, as I have the attention span of a bumblebee.

The downside (besides losing days of my life to this thing) is the lack of selection, sometimes even within the same completed universe (Stargate stands out). I’m not sure of the rhyme or reason behind what’s available….

Anyway, brb, watching the hilariously campy Dark Shadows revival (the tv show that turned me on to vampires back when I was all of 11.)

Then the 12 seasons of Murder She Wrote…. never sleeping again