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Fraser River Log Booms

Fraser River Log Booms


Christmas Day Roadtrip

My mother worked the early shift on Christmas Day so I had the opportunity to go for a drive before heading down for Christmas Dinner.

(Click to view full-size on flickr)

Spanish Banks

King Tides at Spanish Banks

King Tides at Spanish Banks Panorama

Fraser River lookout off SW Marine Drive

Fraser River Outlook

Fraser River Outlook

Fraser River Panorama


Christmas Dinner 2014

Christmas Dinner 2014

Christmas Dinner 2014

Christmas Dinner 2014


Happy holidays!


Happy 2014

Happy new year, everyone :) All the best hopes for everyone in 2014.

I spent the day doing my traditional New Year's clean-up today; I purged quite a few things that I've been meaning to for some time. The only thing left to do is drop a box of pots off at the thrift store and I'm done.

Back to work tomorrow.

Anyway that's all the bring stuff. I've started using Instagram for pictures; you can see my stream at Because I needed another social media channel to update :)


Stairwell in Vancouver (Broadway off Ash)

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Of interest: City of Vancouver to put more services online; more free wifi

From the CBC:

Vancouver city council to vote on digital strategy 

Vancouver City Council is expected to adopt a new digital strategy which aims to put most city services on the internet and offer Wi-Fi in parts of the city.

Services slated to go online include dog licensing, permit applications, and even participating in public consultations.

Other initiatives include free Wi-Fi in certain areas, better Internet access for low-income residents and an expanded open data program


I'm interested in this, not only from a digital strategy point of view, but also the HR perspective about  how they plan to continue to offer services in real-time. By reducing the workload on employees by letting most people do things like dog licensing online, will that employee time be then better spent dealing with issues management? Or will it lead to layoffs?

When the City re-launched their website last year, they put some things online such as paying parking tickets and property tax, so the continued move to put more services into an online environment does make sense.

(Now if I could only pay my overdue library fines online...)


A month. Just give it a month.

Stuff's been going on and I'm neglecting this blog. That is not good.

So I'm going to challenge myself to try something for a month and stick to it - in this case, blogging once a day for a month. It may be short, it may be only a picture post, but that's the plan.

Today, I bring you a shot from my not so recent trip to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Slideshow of all images at the bottom.

Red Scarf, Pottery

A collection; Trees


Linen; Figures; Baskets


New Camera

New year, new camera. A sampling of some pics; haven't got around to properly curating things on my Flickr.

Fog: Cobweb
Fog: Cobweb

Don't Feed the Pigeons
Don't Feed the Pigeons: Vancouver Public Library, central branch plaza

MOA Out Back, reflected
Reflected: at the Museum of Anthropology


Taste of Yaletown 2012: Bistro Sakana

This Wednesday, we went to Bistro Sakana in Yaletown for their Taste of Yaletown menu. It was, as always at Bistro Sakana, amazing.

One of the nice things about Bistro Sakana is that it's fairly reasonably priced for consistently amazing sushi. There's a lot of attention put into the food and it's always a fun night out.

Waiting for the food to arrive

Waiting for our food

Wild sockeye salmon miso chowder

Wild sockeye salmon miso chowder

Full of carrots and potato and delicious

and the Platter:

Sample Platter
We didn't think that we'd have enough to eat - small portions and all, but the soup was filling and the food was a nice variety of flavours.

Wild sockeye jalapeno aburi (box sushi): Sockeye salmon topped with jalapeno slices

Toro red chili aburi (box sushi): albacore toro marinated in Junmai sake and miso, topped with red chili and key lime slivers

Box Sushi

Salmon in front

Teppan roll

Teppan Roll

fresh tomato, Hotate scallop sashimi, fresh bocconcini mozzarella and pesto, sauteed,  served with a drizzle of aged balsamic reduction and virgin olive oil

As an aside, we've decided we have to go back and just order Teppan roll in future.

Nasu Dengaku

Nasu Dengaku (Eggplant)

baked Japanese eggplant with aka miso sauce

Ginger citrus Hamachi

Ginger citrus Hamachi

Yellowtail sashimi, layered with pink grapefruit sections, soy-balsamic vinaigrette.

I'm not normally a fan of hamachi, but the citrus and ginger balanced the flavour of the fish.

Chocolate brownie with dark chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

See the entire set on Flickr


MOA trip

In the month of June, I had planned to blog more. I wanted to start today with a science news round-up, only apparently it's the slowest science news day ever (it being Sunday and all).

So,instead, some pictures from a recent trip I took to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. I used Flickr's new editing tool to apply filters; it made up slightly for the awkwardness of my camera's light sensor.

From the permanent collection
Haida Crest Figure

Three Sisters

from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit
Buddha from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit

Buddha from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit


Bring back the Bee!

Bring back the Bee!

It saddens me that Translink has moved away from the Bee iconography on the 99 B-Line cross-town route. I think more of our transit routes should have an animal mascot.

Like the Condor Canada Line.

Or the Marmot Main Street bus.

Or the Sea Lion Skytrain.

Or even the Tortoise 84 (you had to know that was coming.)

What animal would you attach to each route?


Ha! on twitter, Translink pitched in with the 97 Eagle Line, which is an excellent idea. If we're going to name cards things like Compass or Starfish, why not?


Sun over English Bay

English Bay; Setting Sun

First ride of the summer.