MOA trip

In the month of June, I had planned to blog more. I wanted to start today with a science news round-up, only apparently it’s the slowest science news day ever (it being Sunday and all).

So,instead, some pictures from a recent trip I took to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. I used Flickr’s new editing tool to apply filters; it made up slightly for the awkwardness of my camera’s light sensor.

From the permanent collection
Haida Crest Figure

Three Sisters

from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit
Buddha from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit

Buddha from the Visions of Enlightenment exhibit

Bring back the Bee!

Bring back the Bee!

It saddens me that Translink has moved away from the Bee iconography on the 99 B-Line cross-town route. I think more of our transit routes should have an animal mascot.

Like the Condor Canada Line.

Or the Marmot Main Street bus.

Or the Sea Lion Skytrain.

Or even the Tortoise 84 (you had to know that was coming.)

What animal would you attach to each route?


Ha! on twitter, Translink pitched in with the 97 Eagle Line, which is an excellent idea. If we’re going to name cards things like Compass or Starfish, why not?

Flashback: I want to live in a drama

In honor of this morning’s soaking downpour here in Vancouver, a tangentially related pic post:

Peer Reviewed Bathroom Graffiti

In case you don’t want to decipher that on your own:

Peer Reviewed Bathroom Graffiti

I WANT TO LIVE IN A DRAMA (<- what does that even mean?)
THOSE PEOPLE NEVER LOOK AT THE PAST. (<- but they’re so often history that this line disagrees
THEY WISH AND THEY DREAM (<- don’t you now)
LIKE (of) SECRET DESIRES THAT FLOAT ON (<-you didn’t actually write that, did you? this has to be a joke) (<– I know, ever tried to make something float on really rough water?)
WHY ARE GROTESQUE OBJECTS BEAUTIFUL? (<- this poem doesn’t count)
WHAT IS WRONG WITH HUMANS? (<- #1 apparently we write terrible poetry <- and peer review bathroom stall poetry) (#2 humans are human, that’s what’s wrong)
I TAKE DEEP BREATHS AND IT TRIES TO ERASE EVERYTHING. (<- hey, Yo. Your subject and verb called me and they’re having a pretty big disagreement. Maybe you could work something out between them?)
-RAIN (<-isn’t he from My Lady Peace?)

After Effects

One of the downsides of using a low-end point-and-shoot is that in unfavorable light conditions, the shots can be… uninspiring. In past I tended to let it slide; focusing instead on high-light days to take pictures.

Recently I started poking around with Flickr’s photo editor (of course, four months before the service will be discontinued), and churned out these two retouches:

Broadway & Ash, Red Light
Red Light

Broadway and Ash, at twilight. Used Piknik’s 60s filter.

Broadway & Ash, Green Light
Green Light

Same as above, using the lomo filter.

The originals (best seen big)

Broadway & Ash, Red Light versus IMG_4038

Broadway & Ash, Green Light versus IMG_4037