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So what’s the point of Google+?

Yes, I'm on Google+. I'm not really in the right demographic for that social network from a personal standpoint, but I do like to keep an eye on it.

Luckily Hootsuite is here to break it down for us, for the organizational standpoint.

Google+ for Brands: 4 Reasons your Brand Should Be on it

I'll let you read the article for their full take, but the summary is:

  1. Better Brand Discovery
  2. Deeper Brand Engagement (Hangouts and Communities)
  3. Increased Marketing Performance
  4. Measurable Impact

I would argue that #1 is the real reason to play in the Google+ sandbox - if you want your company to lead the Google search results, you have to play their game, and this is an A+ way of doing it.



Wee Forest Fire at UBC

A small fire in Pacific Spirit Park at UBC! Oh my!

The fire is in the ravine near Wreck Beach, in hilly and forested terrain (which is why the firefighters are having such a tough time tackling the fire -  the fire started around midnight, but firefighters could only "babysit" the fire overnight until the sun came up so they could see. Luckily, the fire looks contained.)

SW Marine Drive is closed down between Totem Park and 16th for fire crews. There are reports coming in now that it'll take a day to put out the fire.

The official UBC sources of information are the UBC Emergency site and @UBCNews.

Stay safe, everyone.


Cutting the cord

The phone cord, that is.

Vancouver Sun: More Canadians cutting the cords and going wireless, CRTC says

Canadians are turning off their televisions and cutting their land lines in favour of online streaming and smartphones in record numbers, Canada's telecommunications regulator says in a report released Thursday.
Substituting wireless phones for home phones is especially popular among younger Canadians, the report notes, with half of all households in Canada comprised of the 18 to 34 year-old demographic now wireless-only, up from 34 per cent in 2008.

Personally, I ditched my land line back in 2003 (2004? I can't remember specifically) and haven't looked back. With phone plans now offering unlimited voice, I can't see why anyone would have a landline and a cell anymore. Even my parents ditched their landline when they moved and just have their phones (his and her, very cute).

Very different that the days of yore:

Tele-phonic Device


Grade Inflation of the Day

This is thought-provoking, for sure.
From C's to A's
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Another foot washed up in the Pacific Northwest

This time, near Tacoma:

A photo of the shoe. Image from

From the CTV story:

Police in Washington State are offering a $1,000 award for information after the discovery of another detached foot on the shores of the Pacific Northwest.

The right foot was found on Dec. 5 in the city of Tacoma, south of Seattle.

The detached foot was inside a boy's size 6 OzArk Trail brand hiking boot, which police believes belonged to a youth or small adult. The boots were sold in Walmart stores in 2004 and 2005.


This is continually strange. We'll see if they can find out what happening.


This all started in 2007, finding disarticulated feet washed up on the beaches of BC and upper Washington State. I could go on, but I recommend the Wikipedia article (even if it's not updated with #10):Wikipedia: Pacific Northwest human foot discoveries.

Very. Very. Strange.

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The 9th foot

Another human foot washed up on the beaches in the Pacifc Northwest, this time on Whitdbey Island in Washington State. Police say that based on the size of the foot, it's likely from a woman or a young adult.

This is number nine (since 2007)

The Globe has the best article with backstory, including quotes. If you want your news more bite-sized, the CTV story and the CBC story. As an aside, reading comments on the CBC site make my IQ drop.

See more on the feet on this blog.

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Ever have a day like this? You go thru, seeing stuff on the internet and it's so awesome, and then you get home to blog about the youtubes of the day and you forget what you were going to say.


So, Consumer Reports won’t recommend iPhone 4. It's the antenna, stupid. At the rate this is going, I'll never talk myself into an iPhone.

A bit of daily awesome:

best. job. ever.

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Plants! That! Maim!

Globe and Mail: Giant weed that can cause blindness popping up in Ontario, B.C.

Money Quote:

While it may look bewildering — almost begging to be examined by an amateur botanist or a green thumb — the consequences of touching the weed could scar a person for life.

“The sap gets activated by sunlight, so once you get out on the sun it reacts and can cause really bad burns, blistering and scars,” said Mr. Muzzi.

It has also been known to cause temporary blindness or, in extreme cases, permanent loss of eyesight, said Mr. Muzzi.

As they say in the lab, sweet jesus.



I have to admit, I've never been a fan of the heat. There's a large swath of Danish in my genetic background and we haven't really evolved to deal with heatwaves. Icewaves, yes. Heatwaves, no.

Well, at least not until this whole global climate change thing hit. There was a story in the news recently about how these weather extremes are going to be the new norm... all I can say is ew.

CTV: Extreme heat wave example of climate change: expert

Some other bits of news, because it's been a while since I did a news post:

Canada appoints new governor general, but it's not William Shatner

This one makes me angry: More than 70 per cent of Canadian university freshmen admitted to cheating at least once on high school assignments and another 60 per cent admitted to "serious acts of cheating" on tests.

One close to my heart: a 24Hours column about focusing on pedestrian safety in Vancouver. Or as I like to call it, "What safety"?


Learning in wee child brains

I'm always up for developments in the science! of how people learn. There's an article in yesterday's NYT about cognitive learning in math in preschoolers. It's pretty nifty.

Studying Young Minds, and How to Teach Them: For much of the last century, educators and many scientists believed that children could not learn math at all before the age of five, that their brains simply were not ready.

But recent research has turned that assumption on its head — that, and a host of other conventional wisdom about geometry, reading, language and self-control in class. The findings, mostly from a branch of research called cognitive neuroscience, are helping to clarify when young brains are best able to grasp fundamental concepts.[more]

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