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Little Wing

I've always been in love with Stevie Ray Vaughn since I was four (long story), and Little Wing is probably my favourite rock instrumental of all time. Such a beautiful song.

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Happy 2014

Happy new year, everyone :) All the best hopes for everyone in 2014.

I spent the day doing my traditional New Year's clean-up today; I purged quite a few things that I've been meaning to for some time. The only thing left to do is drop a box of pots off at the thrift store and I'm done.

Back to work tomorrow.

Anyway that's all the bring stuff. I've started using Instagram for pictures; you can see my stream at Because I needed another social media channel to update :)


Stairwell in Vancouver (Broadway off Ash)

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Of interest: City of Vancouver to put more services online; more free wifi

From the CBC:

Vancouver city council to vote on digital strategy 

Vancouver City Council is expected to adopt a new digital strategy which aims to put most city services on the internet and offer Wi-Fi in parts of the city.

Services slated to go online include dog licensing, permit applications, and even participating in public consultations.

Other initiatives include free Wi-Fi in certain areas, better Internet access for low-income residents and an expanded open data program


I'm interested in this, not only from a digital strategy point of view, but also the HR perspective about  how they plan to continue to offer services in real-time. By reducing the workload on employees by letting most people do things like dog licensing online, will that employee time be then better spent dealing with issues management? Or will it lead to layoffs?

When the City re-launched their website last year, they put some things online such as paying parking tickets and property tax, so the continued move to put more services into an online environment does make sense.

(Now if I could only pay my overdue library fines online...)


Skulls and squiggly things

Back in February, we went to the Beaty Biodiveristy museum (pro tip - free admission for UBC employees and students) and here are some pictures. Warning, there are dead squiggly things in jars in this post (and even more at the Flickr Set).


Display: Red, Green, Dead Birds

Sea snake in a jar

Sea snake in a jar. Perfect Seal

Mountain Goat, Reflection

Mountain Goat, Reflection


Squiggly things

The Owls are Judging You

The Owls are Judging You

Life Matrix

The matrix of life, from Day 0 on.

Black Tailed Deer

Black Tailed Deer

Blue Whale Skeleton

Blue Whale Skeleton


Thrift Shopping

Ended up at the thrift shop today and found a whole bunch of books from my childhood - oh, the memories. The disturbing memories.

sweet valley

Best Friends? Or Choosing Sides?

Given that between Book #1 and Book #4, Elizabeth throws over her twin sister for another bestie, you can imagine how their teen years would play out. Oh wait.


Most twins I know aren't like this

This wasn't one of my childhood books, but I couldn't pass up a picture; the cover is  like some horrible mashup of a conjoined twins horror film and a bad photoshop job.

space jam the book

Space Jam, the novelization

1) how and b) why.


A Mathnet case book. MATHNET.

MATHNET. I flipped through,  there were actual math questions to help you solve the case. I'm impressed.

Tho I'm a bit curious about the dummy.


Clue boardgame novelization

Book #10 isn't bad for a crappy Scholastic board game novelization. The premise is that Mr. Body (left) invites all his murderous friends up for the weekend (again) and murder ensues. In the vein of the Encyclopaedia Brown books.


Babysitter's Club Super Mystery

I'm not quite sure where to begin with this one. "it's beginning to look a lot like danger"? Those sweaters? some asshole trekking ash across the carpet? Honestly, life in Stoneybrook isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Back to work

On the first day of my two-week vacation:

On the Monday morning back, realizing I haven't managed to do all the cool things I planned, write all the cool things I wanted to write, or taken that sparkly pony trip to Mars:

Oh well, that's why there's next time :P


Sunday Mixtape Nostalgia

I was going to blog about the wrap-up of my vacation (back to it tomorrow) but then yesterday I won 80$ in the lottery so I finally bought the cassette player I've had my eye on for a while:

The box! Yes, it's the lower end model available at London Drugs.

Unwrapped and out of focus.

My tape collection

I should point out that this collection has been gathering dust in the cupboard for nearly a decade as I haven't anything with which to play the tapes.

And oh man, talk about a blast from the past.

My Aerosmith collection

Some truly classic music....

And some ''wTF was I thinking?''

Hee hee Mitsou

Early 90s Much Music Mix tapes, plus...

That pink tape with the lettering rubbed off? The soundtrack to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990). This was the shiz when I was 11, yo.


No, seriously, this may be the worst song from the 90s.

Shut up, you know you bought it too.

I've been looking for this on CD forever, mostly because TOO HOT isn't available on itunes.

Because this is how they rolled in Toronto, faxt.

I love the Grid.

We all remember this happening.

My childhood.

I spent hours recording mix tapes off the radio and, later when they invented CDs, "fixing" the play order of CDs onto tape. Which is still legal, btw.

This is how we used to make playlists, kids.

Things about making mix tapes in the 90s:

  • No song had a beginning, because you always missed the first ten seconds in that mad scramble to the tape deck once the song started playing on the radio
  • The Top 10 on local radio stations for the early 90s are hilarious, in retrospect. For example, as I type this, I'm listening to #9, Hanky Panky by Madonna from the Dick Tracey movie. It's about spanking.
  • No spaces between songs, because once one song finished recording you just hit PAUSE until another song came on.
  • There were some songs you'd love so much, you'd put up with scratchy reception and an annoying DJ riffing over the end.

PS: None of the radio stations on my mix tapes exist any longer. Except for 92.9 KISM out of Bellingham, the only rock station we got in White Rock on the hill.

But you know, after all this, I an not sad we are where we are today with music. No need to rewind, you can skip to new songs if you have aural ADD like me, can get songs on demand with the Youtubes or the iTunes. Plus now we have dubstep.


New coffee set-up

A few weeks ago, I bought a coffee machine I have had my eye on for a while - picture of the machine at the bottom of the post. Anyway, I've been looking for a way to store the capsules that is both aesthetically pleasing and also practical.

Step 1: the box

Step 2: layer 1

Step 3: layer 2

Step 4: Stacked

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Sun over English Bay

English Bay; Setting Sun

First ride of the summer.



I'm on Pinterest, although I'm not sure why. There are a lot of things I don't understand about Pinterest, and things that I wish had been implemented from the get-go to put more social into it. Like, for example, you can't embed your boards on another site (like you could with a Youtube video). I know that all falls into the murky territory of what is copyright infringement on the internet, so it's unlikely to change, but still. Would be more fun.

Breeonne on Pinterest

In the news side of things, an interesting article by Business Insider that is titled "Pinterest's Hype Bubble Has Burst, And Now It Is Actually Losing Users":

Monthly active users are down from 11.3 million on March 1 to 11.15 million on April 1 to just 8.3 million today[...] That coverage likely motivated a lot of try-out-the-latest-hot-thing types to try Pinterest during February and March. Many of those people seem to have decided the site is not for them.

(hattip to Tristan Jutras  for the link)

I agree with the assessment that Pinterest isn't for everyone. I'm not certain it's for me. My brief experience with it is that it skews heavily North American female (with all the stereotypical interests that entails), with a certain lack of context that doesn't prove to the value-added for someone (like me) who spends their life focusing on the written word.

Still, the business model could go fascinating places, so in spite of the hype bubble being pricked, I'll keep an eye on Pinterest.

Oh well. Like with all the other things on the Internets, one can always go back to watching cat videos.