Fish Whispering

Revealed: 70 types of seafood ‘you should not eat’ to conserve stocks

FROM king prawns and anchovies to Scottish haddock and cod, almost 70 types of seafood should remain in the sea and off the dinner plate, according to new recommendations from a conservation group.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) today publishes its annual list of which fish to eat, and which to avoid.

It gives advice on more than 150 species, recommending 69 stocks should be avoided because they are unsustainable due to overfishing,poor management or because the method of harvesting harms other species. []

This is of interest to the news blog because it’s essentially what SeaChoice does here in Canada, and a lot of the complaints from pundits are the same – it’s hard to tell where a plate of fish is from due to a lack of understandable labelling.

So eat a cow instead.