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A post about seasoning salts

When I was a kid, the only kind of seasoning salt in existence was Lawrey’s. What can I say? It was Alberta in the 80s.

what it says on the label


Nowadays, with Vancouver being a culinary hot-spot or something, we luckily have access to more than the one seasoning salt.

Tonight’s dinner was testament to this sodium-bomb bounty: I used two kinds of seasoning salts to make steak, yams, and kale into a wowza of a meal.

Let’s break that down a little:

For the steak, I bought what was probably a too-tough cut of beef and, after pounding the crap out of it with the back of a butcher knife, seasoned it liberally with Montreal Steak Spice, so:

Of course, it may say “spice” on the label but the first ingredient is chunky rock salt. Delish. Also works well on mushrooms. For added yum, use a bit of hot water to deglaze the pan and pour the resultant au jus over the steak while it sits. Mega yum.

(The yams were baked and seasoned with regular salt; nothing innovative to write home about).

The kale was a bit of a strange mash-up – sauteed with a bit of crushed garlic and Haida Gwaii Salt from Sea to Sky Seasonings (they’re at the Edible BC booth on Granville Island). The lobster flavour of the salt highlighted the flavour of the kale.

Some trivia:


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