Balsamic Hummus

Once again, no playbook.

Most hummus is flavoured with tahini (ground sesame seeds) and lemon juice. I had no tahini and since the bottle of white balsamic vinegar was already open, I thought what’s wrong with swapping our acids? and went with it.



  1. Set up blender
  2. Layer in: Chickpeas, two glugs olive oil, one glug balsamic vinegar.
  3. Sprinkle on top: A general helping of ground cumin and a dash of chili flakes (depending on how hot you want this sucker). Give it a dash of garlic. If you love garlic, give it another dash.
  4. Put cover on blender and pulse a few times to get things started. You may find that the blender has a hard time of things once the base layer is blended. This is normal. If you want a calorific dish, pour in a bit more oil to get things moving. If you’re the rest of us, add water, a bit at a time, to give the blender enough to… um, blend.
  5. As you’re approaching doneness, turn off the blender and taste your dip. Add salt to taste
  6. Blend more and more until the dip is sufficiently creamy.
  7. Serve with your favourite dip delivery system. I prefer corn chips myself.

You’ll find that the balsamic vinegar gives the dip a slightly sweet taste. I think it’s delicious, and I will make this again.


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